January 30, 2023
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Diamond earrings backs: the best choice

Diamond earrings backs: the best choice

You’ve made the decision to purchase new diamond earrings. Congratulations! The hardest decision to make is already made: the choice of diamond color, carat weight, cut, and clarity. What comes next? Next, choose a style of diamond earrings that are light, practical, and most importantly secure (you don’t want to misplace your new jewelry item, do you?).

To help you make an excellent decision, we will examine the most popular styles of earring backs and weigh their benefits and drawbacks in this article.

Types of Studs backing

To keep your stud earrings in place, there are lots of different types of backs available. While the majority of people use backings in the styles known as Butterfly or Scroll, there are many more designs available that can be more appropriate and comfortable.

Some earring backs are more suited for wearing large earrings. These backs are made in a way that prevents earlobe tugging.

Earring backs are available to secure earrings more firmly; these are ideal for priceless jewelry that contain costly diamonds and gemstones.

Let’s examine each of these backs in more detail.

Friction Back

Friction back is the most common type of earrings back. They are also called “Scrolls Back”, “Push Back” or even “Butterflies back”. 

Friction backs are made with a little scroll or curl that sits on either side of the earring post. This scroll or curl stretches to securely fit the earring post.

There are several different sizes available, and most people want larger backs. But, there’s a chance you could lose the earring too if the back loosens.

Friction Back pros

  • Easy to use and wear
  • Very popular, that is why available at almost every jeweler and in every jewelry store
  • If in silver or plastic, not really expensive 

Friction Back cons

  • Easy to lose 

Jumbo Back 

In essence, Jumbo Backs are just larger Friction backs.

They offer a bigger flat plane that aids in supporting the earring and are also simpler to work with. When wearing larger stud earrings, jumbo backs can assist prevent them from sagging.

Gold and platinum jumbo friction backs cost more than small or ordinary size friction backs due to their bigger size.

Jumbo Back pros

  • Fits well with larger stud earrings
  • Easy to use and wear

Jumbo Back cons

  • Due to the big size, metal for such backs can be more expensive

Screw Back

Expensive earrings with diamonds or other extraordinary gemstones have screw backs. Children’s earrings are also made with these backs.

As the name implies, there is a thread encircling the earring post, and the earring back—also known as an ear nut or clutch—is twisted around the post similarly to a nut.

Screw backs, as opposed to Fiction or Scroll backs, are more stable and won’t slide off. They can, however, occasionally unscrew. As a result, they can no longer claim to be the most trustworthy earring backs.

Screw Back pros

  • Relatively secure
  • Frequent choice for more expensive earrings

Screw Back cons

  • Quite expensive
  • More cumbersome to wear
  • Used only with screw post
  • Hard to put on
  • Hard to find a replacement

Secure Lock Back

The safest kind of stud earring return is thought to be a secure lock back. They are fastened firmly into position by a proprietary double-grooved secure locking mechanism. As a result, these earrings go well with the diamond studs.

Large plastic discs that sit on top of the earring in secure lock backs might make wearing a larger, heavier diamond or gemstone more comfortable. This kind of earring is also more difficult to lose because to the huge plastic disc. There is, however, one possible drawback to this big plastic disc. Therefore, if your earlobes are small, a disk may protrude from the sides or the bottom.

Secure Lock pros

  • Secure
  • Great option for expensive studs

Secure Lock cons

  • Rather cumbersome design that can stick out from behind the ears

La Pousette Back

La Pousette Back and the Friction Back are fairly comparable. Nonetheless, there are a few variations between these kinds of support. The two buttons on the side of La Pousette Back are meant to be pushed in order to slide the back on and released in order to secure it. This back is an excellent option for extremely valuable earrings even though it is a rare one.

La Pousette Back pros

  • Secure
  • Great option for expensive studs
  • Expensive 

La Pousette Back cons 

  • Rare: not all jewelers and jewelry workshops work with them 

Backing types for drop, hoop and dangle earrings

What happens if you decide to wear drop, hoop, or dangle earrings instead of studs? For them as well, there is a solution! They have a number of well-known supporters:

Leverback: These earrings fasten by pressing the lever at the base of the earring closed after hooking through a piercing. The lever is easily opened and closed on a hinge, and while it is on, it remains firmly fastened.

Latch back: These earrings resemble leverbacks in that they close from behind, but instead of the base closing upward, the earring’s post fits into a tiny opening or latch, much like a gate’s latch. The earring could come off your ear if you can’t feel the post lock into the clasp.

Omega backs: Omega backs resemble the Greek letter U in shape and fasten from the base of the earring similarly to latch backs. These backs are widely used for clip-on and piercing earrings.

Fish hook backs (also known as French hooks): Through a pierced ear lobe, they curve. They typically reach far enough below the lobe to not need a second back, though one can be utilized in case you need more support.

Choice of precious metal

You’ve made your decision and selected a support system, that’s it? Actually, no! Selecting the metal that will be used to make the back is a crucial next step. Here are some notes:

The most common precious metal selection is 14k gold because it is the least expensive while maintaining a great quality. In addition to its versatility, 14k gold comes in three different variations: rose, white, and yellow gold.

18k Gold: Some people view 18k gold as more luxurious since it is a more pure form of the metal. Similar to 14k gold, 18k gold is adaptable, offering three different options: 18k rose, 18k white, and 18k yellow gold.

Platinum: Often regarded as the most luxurious choice, platinum is a stunning, extremely pure precious metal. Due to its hypoallergenic nature and lack of nickel, platinum is a great choice for people who are allergic to metals.


We hope that this explanation has helped to clear up some of the confusion about earring backs. And now you know exactly what decisions to make when designing your custom diamond jewelry.

Friction backs are hence the most prevalent type of backs. They may, however, eventually lose their friction and become less firmly gripped on the post. Although they can be more expensive and rare, La Pousette Backs offer the most versatile and safe locking mechanism. Although they are incompatible with earring posts without threads, screw backs are likewise safe.

The finest option for long, hefty earrings is the Leverback.

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