January 24, 2023
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Round cut diamonds: the ultimate buyer’s guide

Round cut diamonds: the ultimate buyer’s guide

Diamonds have been highly desired around the world for many years. While trends and fashion continuously evolve, diamonds remain popular. There is a vast range of diamonds globally that differ in color and features like cut and clarity.

Each attribute impacts the visual appeal and attractiveness of the stone, as well as its worth and cost. Cut, for instance, is one of the most critical characteristics of a diamond. In this article, we will concentrate extensively on the most favored diamond cut, which is the round cut.

What is a round cut?


Round diamonds are the most popular type of diamond globally. People commonly choose them for engagement rings. Statistics show that over 60% of diamonds sold every year around the world are round cut.  

Round diamonds have a timeless, classic look that is ideal for rings, stud earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. 

The round brilliant cut has 58 facets and reflects light exceptionally well, creating what is called “brilliance”. So this cut prioritizes brilliance over color.  

This cut is symmetrical, with a table percentage of 55-59% and depth percentage of 60.1-62.6%. It has a thin to slightly thick rim and no culet.

Round brilliant cut vs Round old European cut

There are two main kinds of round cut diamonds: round brilliant cut and old European cut.

Old European cut

This cut was developed before modern diamond technology allowed the creation of the round brilliant cut. The old European cut was popular before the 20th century.  

These diamonds typically have deeper proportions than round brilliant cut diamonds. Old European cut diamonds were primarily cut to showcase their color.

Round brilliant cut 

Round brilliant diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance. They have a medium to large table facet, and the lower half makes up about 65% of the total length of the diamond. So, these cuts demonstrate exceptional brilliance and fire.

What are the advantages of a round cut?

As we have discussed previously, round cut diamonds are very popular and in high demand. There are several good reasons for their popularity.


Brilliance refers to how much white light bounces off the top surface of the diamond. Of all diamond shapes, round cut diamonds reflect the most light, making them the most sparkly. 


When discussing a diamond’s fire, we are talking about the rainbow colors it disperses. Round cut diamonds produce a remarkable amount of colorful light.

Timeless appearance 

Round diamonds have endured over time. They have always been stylish, continuing to be the most sought-after stones for diamond shoppers. Based on the setting and hue, round diamonds can appear like strict standards of contemporary elegance.

Why is a round cut more expensive than other cuts? 

Round diamonds are very popular, but they also have another important characteristic: their price is considerably higher than diamonds with comparable attributes but a different cut. Why is this the case?

In fact, the premium pricing of round diamonds makes sense. When cutting a diamond into a round shape, a significant amount of the original weight is lost in the process. This weight loss is inherent to the round cut. In contrast, an emerald cut diamond retains more of its initial carat weight during cutting, so it costs substantially less than a round diamond of similar quality.


In summary, round diamonds are a truly exceptional choice for those seeking timeless, elegant classics. Round diamonds have breathtaking sparkle and remarkable inner fire. 

When selecting round stones, focus not just on the cut but also on other key diamond traits collectively called the 4Cs: color, clarity and carat weight. Together these factors determine the value and cost of a diamond.

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