MAD (Magnificent Antwerp Diamonds) has been operating in the gemstone and diamond market since 2003. During this period we’ve become convinced that our clients are our most valuable asset.

We highly appreciate that you keep choosing us every time and that you rely on our experience, knowledge, expertise and taste.

For our part, we do our best to ensure that the service you receive doesn’t just meet your standards, but exceeds them. We thoroughly consider requests of our clients and make sure to understand all your needs and desires. We are delighted to navigate you in the vast world of gemstones and diamonds and to help you choose the best stones with the use of our wide partner network, which we’ve been developing for decades.

Every day we work hard to perfect the quality of our services by engaging experienced professionals and diligently controlling every service that we offer to you.

In the following part we’re going to describe our most popular services. Try them out and experience our matchless quality.

Wide range of gemstones in our Antwerp vault

  • white diamonds
  • coloured diamonds
  • precious gemstones
  • semi-precious gemstones
  • couples
  • diamond and gemstone layouts

Find unique gemstones upon request

You may ask for:

  • rare stones
  • specific characteristics, such as size, shade, cut, origin, etc.

We offer a MAD advisor

This is a high-end gemstone and diamond expert service that helps navigate our customers through the world of gemstones and find the best possible solution for each customer individually.
This service is absolutely free of charge.

Our MAD advisors are committed to help our customers to:

  • choose a perfect investment/jewellery stone
  • create a unique jewellery design
  • evaluate the success of the investment
  • create an efficient budget for any operation

Stone cutting / re-cutting

Gem cutting is a long and thorough process that requires a lot of craftsmanship and accuracy. That’s why cutting is both a hard science and a wonderful form of art.

The majority of the stones that we offer to our clients are cut by ourselves.
At the beginning, our cutter analyses the stone with special technology that allows us to gain maximum information about the possible results. And only after agreement with our client, the cutter starts his work.

Our Antwerp manufacture allows us to produce cuts of superior quality. Usually we offer the following cutting services:

  • cutting rough stones
  • recutting stones to achieve a more contemporary look
  • changing the shape, adding facets, improving the characteristics of the stone and repairing cracks

Complimentary stone evaluation

Determining the value of a gemstone is a challenging and important process. It’s essential for both, the buyer and the seller, to sign a fair deal.

That’s why value determination should only be entrusted to experienced professionals who have been working with stones for years. Our team consists of such professionals.

  • We can help you to evaluate the stone you’ve been offered to buy
  • We can calculate the return of investment before you make a purchase
  • We can help you to estimate the value of stones and jewellery that you own and assist you in selling them profitably
  • We can help you understand the newest gemstone market tendencies and make a long-term investment (investment for inheritance)

Bespoke jewellery production upon request and the following services:

  • creation of custom-made jewellery of any difficulty (from any stones and metals)
  • adjusting the stone to the requirements of the jewellery piece
  • control over the whole process of jewelry manufacturing from sketch and production till the final touches

We are happy to answer all your questions

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