December 26, 2021
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2024 gems and jewelry trends

2024 gems and jewelry trends
2024 gems and jewelry trends

Let’s look at a list of the most important trends in the world of precious stones in 2024. 


Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds. Is there anything more eternal than our love for diamonds? In the upcoming year, they will be as desired as ever: the demand for white diamonds is growing, the price is rising, and all High Jewelry Maisons are preparing collections with diamonds as centrepieces.

Colored gems

Distressing 2020 and 2021 dictated a vital need for positive emotions. So it’s only natural that pink, blue, green and purple gems are at the forefront. Special attention is paid to yellow ones which are represented by yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires, imperial topazes and citrines. 


For many, previous years brought disappointment, anxiety, and – finally – hope. Along with these feelings, pearls – symbols of wisdom and purity – have taken a strong position. Pearls are a cutting-edge fashion trend that is going to be with us for a long time.

And, finally, a few tendencies from the jewelry industry: 


Gender-neutral jewels 

The jewelry universe has started reconsidering traditional masculinity. Gender-free style is here to stay. Nick Jonas, Timothée  Chalamet, Pharrell Williams, Chadwick Boseman, Billy Porter, Jon Batiste and many others no longer consider diamonds as only girls’ best friends. Respected Maisons – like Cartier, Boucheron and Tiffany – introduced their own male jewelry collections.  Men’s jewelry is booming. 


Jewels that tell a story

It seems that the main question today sounds like: Who are you? Jewels are here to tell a story and emphasize individuality of their owner. Hence, charms and pendants are to be bestsellers as they provide a lot of room for imagination and creativity. Brooches will also be at the peak of their popularity. These small works of art – from vintage heirlooms to modern designs – can add unique details to any outfit.

It seems that the New Year will be mad about gems and jewels – charmingly mad! Love gemstones, follow your dreams and be in vogue!

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