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D color diamonds: are they worth their price?

D color diamonds: are they worth their price?

The realm of diamonds is expansive and varied. Diamonds present themselves not solely in the archetypal white, but additionally in practically every hue of the rainbow: from the exceptionally scarce red to the equally uncommon blue. However, even amid the domain of white diamonds, there exist differing shades.

Certain white diamonds decidedly distinguish themselves from the rest, merit exceptional attention, and inhabit the aspirations of collectors, gemologists, and investors.

We refer, naturally, to the phenomenal D color diamonds. The most renowned and costly diamonds globally.

The GIA Color Scale

K color diamonds

Before discussing diamond color, it is important to learn about the GIA Color Scale. This scale was developed in the early 1950s by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to help people determine a diamond’s exact color, quality, and transparency. At the time, there were many subjective terms used to describe a diamond’s color, like “white,” “blue white,” or “AAAA.” The GIA Color Scale standardized diamond color categories and made pricing clearer.

The GIA scale has 23 color grades ranging from D to Z, divided into five categories: colorless (D-F), near colorless (G-J), faint (K-M), very light (N-R), and light (S-Z). The scale starts at D, meaning completely colorless, and progresses through letters indicating increasing color saturation to Z, light yellow or brown. Each letter defines the diamond’s amount of color. In summary, the GIA Color Scale was developed to standardize diamond color terminology and provide an objective way to determine diamond color, quality, and price.

What are D color diamonds?

D color diamonds are rated as the finest quality of diamonds.

They are classified in the Colorless range, which is seen as the best and most valuable category.

D color diamonds are the highest grade diamonds available in the market when it comes to color. Since they are so rare, they are also the most coveted diamonds.

How much do D color diamonds cost?

D-colored diamonds have an amazing appearance; they are well-cut and appear to be a brilliant, icy white color.

But there’s a cost associated with this beauty and excellence. D color diamonds are by far the priciest white diamonds available due to their scarcity.

For example, a diamond with a color grade of D, which is the highest in the near-colorless range, costs 10 to 15% more than a diamond with the same cut, clarity, and carat weight but a color grade of G. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

When selecting a diamond, one thing to keep in mind is that color is not the only factor to consider. A diamond with a lesser color grade (such a G or H color diamond) and a better cut quality will appear significantly more stunning than a poorly cut D color diamond.

When is a D color diamond a good choice?

The simple answer to this is that everything depends entirely on the amount of money you have available.

The finest of the best is a diamond of the color D. Getting it entails obtaining something genuinely remarkable, uncommon, and priceless. It entails making a significant financial commitment that won’t decrease over time.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to buy such an amazing diamond if your budget permits it.

When is a D color diamond NOT a good choice?

Purchasing a D color diamond is not always the best course of action.

First off, if you want to place a D color diamond in yellow or rose gold, there is no need to even consider doing so. The diamond will still appear somewhat tinted due to the metal’s pink or yellow tone.

Second, it makes more sense to spend more money on the elements that genuinely count the most, like the diamond’s cut and carat weight, if your budget is tight.

Famous D color diamonds

The world’s most costly and well-known white diamonds, shrouded in secrecy and mystique, often have a color grading of D.

The Centenary Diamond

D color 2

The third-largest diamond produced by the Premier Mine is the Centenary diamond. It weighs 274 ct and has a color grade of D, which is the highest in the Colorless series. Since it was displayed in rough form during the De Beers Consolidated Mines Centennial Celebration on May 11, 1988, it has been dubbed the Centenary Diamond. It wasn’t until 1991 that it was unveiled in its complete form, though.

De Grisogono Diamond and Emerald Necklace

Former de Grisogono owner Fawaz Gruosi once worked hundreds of emeralds and diamonds into an exquisite necklace (the centerpiece being a 163.41 ct D color, perfect diamond).

The Winston Legacy

D color 3

This 234-carat raw diamond, found in a De Beers mine in Jwaneng, Botswana, yielded this flawless pear-shaped stone, weighing 101.73 carats in D. Before the “perfect diamond” was put up for sale, it took almost two years to cut and polish. Christie’s termed it so.

The Ultimate emerald-cut Diamond

D color
D color 1

The Ultimate Diamond, a flawless 100 carat emerald cut diamond, is regarded as a natural miracle. The whitest and clearest stone imaginable is the D flawless type lla stone.

The Star of the Season Diamond

1995 saw the release of The Star of the Season Diamond. Sheikh Ahmed Hassan Fitaihi of Saudi Arabia purchased this 100.10 ct D Flawless diamond, setting the record for the most expensive jewelry at the time.


Diamonds with a D color grade have an extremely striking, uncommon frosty white color. Based on the color features, these diamonds are regarded as the finest of the best.

Purchasing a diamond, however, is always about striking a balance between the well-known four factors: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. This implies that there are other qualities to consider besides color.

It all comes down to your preferences and financial situation in the end. Buy a D color diamond if you have the chance, as they will also have excellent other qualities!

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