October 06, 2021
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Diamonds and gems of the fall

Diamonds and gems of the fall

Autumn is all about hot coffee takeaways, long walks, new exhibitions in art galleries, and fading beauty of nature.

And yet, autumn is not a reason not to allow yourself smiles and bright colors. The main shades of the season are just amazing – they demonstrate sheer joy manifested in Brilliant Yellow, Cozy Orangy Brown and Pretty Fuchsia color shades! 

These bold and provocative colors seem to challenge autumn blues, and the season doesn’t seem so gray anymore!


Lemon Yellow dominated the catwalks of Moschino, Versace and Marc Jacobs this season. 

Yellow is one of the oldest colors in art history. It is presented in some of the paintings that date back to ancient Egypt and Rome – and even to some cave art. Since Yellow ochre is one of the oldest pigments known to man, it was used in cave paintings that are over 17 000 years old! 

The popularity of yellow is quite obvious. Van Gogh used it in most of his paintings. Just remember his famous Yellow House (1888), Irises (1890) and The Starry Night (1889). Picasso and Renoir also displayed an abundance of yellow in their works – mostly for placing accents and highlighting significant objects. 

Diamonds and gems of the fall

Choose stunning Yellow Diamonds or their more affordable but still beautiful replacements – Yellow Sapphires. These gems will never be out of fashion and will create an exceptionally positive mood with their joyful and luxurious shade.


The tint to warm up your fall! Rich dark brown shades that look like soil (Pantone called it “root beer” brown) and orangey browns that resemble clay – are both a great choice. Various shades of such hues were shown on the catwalks by the Off White, Christian Cowan, and Acne Studios. 

Brown is widely seen in nature – think of dark wood, soil and leather. This color was used in prehistoric paintings dating back to 40 000 BC, as they contained umber, a natural clay pigment.

Then, the Ancient Greeks and Romans produced a fine reddish-brown ink (the shade was called sepia). This ink was used by Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and other great artists during the Renaissance, and it’s still used today. Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Rubens, Paul Gaugin favoured this color, too. An impressive list, right? 

Diamonds and gems of the fall

Choose rare Brown Diamonds for their magnificent shade. Or would you rather Imperial Topaz became your special gem? In any case, you won’t go wrong – these gemstones can warm anyone with their color, and their refined elegance will always emphasize the exquisite taste of their owner.


Finally, meet one of the most delicious and popular colors – bold Fuchsia! Raf Simons, Schiaparelli and Burberry quite fancy this color. 

Pink has a long and pretty controversial history. For example, in Japan it symbolizes the slain samurai, while in Korea it is interpreted as a sign of trustworthiness. 

In the West, pink was popularized by 18th century fashion and pastel-loving European bourgeoisie. Pink received a Fuchsia rebirth during the 1960s Pop Art movement and neon-soaked 90s. Today, it is still at its peak. 

Diamonds and gems of the fall

To follow the fashion for the incredibly bright color, choose Tourmaline Rubellites. These gems will definitely become the star of any jewelry piece. 

Be that as it may, never forget: trends come and go but gems and diamonds are forever.

Have a bright and cozy fall!

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