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May 20, 2021
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Gemini birthstones

Gemini birthstones

The Gemini period starts on the 20th of May and ends on the 21st of June.

Expressive and easy-going, Geminis combine two personalities in one. They can be soft and serious, but the next minute become flighty and cheerful. They are curious people who are fascinated by the world. Birthstones that support highly emotional and intellectual nature of this sign are Pearl, Alexandrite and Citrine.


Pearl is believed to represent the duality. It captures both, sorrow and joy, sickness and health, life and loss in its milky sheen. This stone brings balance into the wearer’s life.


Alexandrite – the stone of good omens – is a perfect gemstone for those who seek spiritual growth as well as love, joy and prosperity.


According to astrologers, Citrine contains bright energy. This gem helps people born under this sign to see life in a more positive and clear way.

What other gemstones are beneficial for Geminis? Moonstone, Agate, Tigers Eye, Tourmaline and Blue Apatite are all good options.

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