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September 23, 2021
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G for Green Diamond

G for Green Diamond
G for Green Diamond

Among all the fancy colored Diamonds, natural Green Diamonds are one of the rarest and the most sought-after gems. They are an epitome of exclusivity.  


Green Diamonds get their sophisticated stunning color from radiation exposure or from complex defects including nitrogen, hydrogen and nickel impurities:

  • Stones colored by radiations typically have pure green or blue-green shades
  • Nitrogen defect leads to a combined yellow-green appearance of a gem
  • Green gems colored by hydrogen commonly have brown or gray shades
  • Nickel defects produce an overall yellow-green color

Currently, most of the world’s production of fine natural Green Diamonds comes from South America or Africa. 


The largest Green Diamond is the famous 40,7 ct pear-shaped Dresden Green that was found in Golconda mines in India sometime before its earliest historical record in 1722. Frederick Augustus II – the elector of Saxony, king of Poland, and grand duke of Lithuania – bought it in 1741 at the Leipzig fair from a Dutch merchant by the name of Delles. 

Several other world renowned stones were sold in recent years. Among them are the 5,51ct blue-green Ocean Dream, the 25ct Gruosi Green, and the 5,03ct Aurora Green sold at auction in 2016 for more than US $3.3 million per carat.

Reuven’s comment

Green diamonds are considered very rare – however they are inferior in this, for example, to blue ones. These gemstones are suitable for investment, if they weigh more than a carat and have a Straight or Intense overtone.

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