December 22, 2022
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H color diamonds: how good are they?

H color diamonds: how good are they?

When searching for a diamond for an exclusive jewelry item (such an engagement ring), you should choose the finest and most readily available stone.

However, how to do it? What are the things you should focus on? How can you be sure you’re getting a good stone at a fair price?

Best wishes! Your course is correct. In these pieces, we examine the key attributes of diamonds, respond to commonly asked queries, and offer advice from qualified gemologists and jewelers.

We’ll examine H color diamonds today: are they nice, should you get them, and if so, what should you look out for?

The GIA Color Scale

K color diamonds

It’s important to understand the GIA color Scale before talking about any diamond hue.

GIA created this Color Scale in the early 1950s. The chart was created to assist gem lovers in identifying a diamond’s precise color, quality, and transparency. At the time, a stone’s shade may be described using a wide range of arbitrary names, such as white, blue white, AAAA, and others.The GIA Color Scale brought all color categories together, defined each shade, and simplified and increased transparency in pricing.

The five categories that make up the 23 color grades (ranging from D to Z) on the GIA color chart are: colorless (D-F), near colorless (G-J), faint (K-M), very light (N-R), and light (S-Z).

The scale starts with the letter D, which stands for “absolutely colorless,” and goes on to the letter Z, which stands for “light yellow” or “brown,” with progressively more color. Consequently, the amount of color in a stone is defined by each letter.

What are H color diamonds?

H color diamonds fall into the Near Colorless category on the GIA Color Scale. This range is ranked below the Colorless range, which is said to be the greatest and most valued. In short, this means that even if a H color stone appears colorless to the unaided eye, a laboratory examination may reveal some yellow undertones.

In the Near Colorless range, H color grade is the second; it is preceded by G and followed by I and J. The colorless kind, which has a higher color spectrum, is valued the most. Less valuable is the lower color range, the Faint one, which has a considerably more noticeable yellowish hue.

Do H color diamonds show a yellow hue?

H color

As previously stated, the H color grade falls inside the Near Colorless range. Therefore, H color diamonds could have a noticeable yellow tint that is visible even to the unaided eye.

But that isn’t the case. Studies have shown that it is quite challenging to distinguish between a diamond in the H color range and one that is colorless.

Even with 20x magnification and high lighting, it is difficult to perceive yellow’s clear presence in the stone.

How much are H color diamonds worth?

There isn’t a precise response possible to this topic due of its complexity. The truth is that, as we have stated time and time again, a number of factors influence a diamond’s price. The four basic categories—color, cut, clarity, and carat weight—are contained within the so-called 4Cs. The value and cost of the stone are directly impacted by each of these factors.

As a result, it is practically hard to determine the price of a diamond by looking solely at one of its attributes, its H color.

However, by examining a few H color diamonds in our catalog, you can gain some inspiration. Consider these diamonds’ other characteristics as well.

When is a H color diamond a good choice?

To be honest, a H color diamond is a good choice almost always. It is an amazing stone that combines excellent quality, a lovely look, and good value.

They seem colorless when set in a ring, earrings, or other jewelry because they are in the Near Colorless range. These diamonds are also far less expensive than those in the Colorless range.

Another tip is that even with strong magnification, it is very difficult to distinguish any color difference between a H diamond and a colorless diamond due to the excellent light reflection of round cuts.

When is a H color diamond NOT a good choice?

While most diamonds with a H color grade are a great choice, there are a few situations where selecting stones with a higher or lower color grade is preferable.

There are some diamond shapes where color is more evident than others. It might make sense in this situation to select a stone with a higher color grade. Pear, heart, cushion, oval, marquise, and trillion are some of these shapes.

But you should also be mindful of the metal in your prospective jewel. Rose gold and yellow metal will draw attention to any little tint in the diamond, whereas white metal can make the diamond appear whiter.


As we have stated several times before, H color diamonds are a great option in every way: they are stunning, have a subtle color, are far less expensive than diamonds in the Colorless category, and look amazing in jewelry. An actual dream stone!

Like with other diamonds, there are a few subtleties with H color diamonds that are unquestionably worth considering. Remember these and make sure you always request a certificate! 

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