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How to clean your jewelry at home?

How to clean your jewelry at home?
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Anything that wants to be kept in its original state needs to be handled carefully. This also holds true for gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry. Jewelry must be maintained in order for its brilliance and sparkle to last a very long time.

How then should jewels be maintained? How can I clean them to remove tarnish and dirt? We will discuss some cautious cleaning techniques for jewelry in this post.

But let’s assume for the future that cleaning at home isn’t always the simplest and safest choice. The truth is that certain valuable metals and stones react differently to different cleaning techniques. For this reason, if the chance arises, we strongly advise getting in touch with experts.

If you’re still determined to clean your jewelry at home, keep in mind that hard jewels like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds should only be cleaned briefly using these techniques.

How to clean silver

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Silver may be cleaned with both specialized instruments and homemade ones. Naturally, we suggest that you focus on using specialized expert tools as they are safer and will undoubtedly produce an amazing outcome.

Therefore, a decent silver polish is a tried-and-true, safe solution to keep your favorite silver jewel free of pollution and to stop it from tarnish-ing again.

There are paste and liquid polishes available, but exercise caution as they can be a little messy. Use them gradually, then. Disposable wipes are an excellent alternative for cleaning silver. Reusable mitts with special treatment or a package of napkins with two layers—one for washing and tarnish removal and the other for adding sheen—are your other options.

But what if you need to clean the silver right away and you don’t have any specialized tools on hand? Then give one of these few easy DIY methods a try. Just watch out and don’t go overboard. 

  • Dish soap

Add a small amount of dish soap to some warm water. To remove the tarnish off the silver, dip a soft cloth into the solution and rub it. After rinsing with cool water, pat dry with a different gentle cloth.

  • Baking soda

Combine one part water with three parts baking soda if your silver has tarnished significantly. Using a gentle, lint-free cloth, apply the paste to the wet silver. Gently wipe. Thoroughly rinse and pat dry.

  • Toothpaste 

Using a soft cloth or your finger, squeeze a tiny bit of toothpaste and gently wipe it over the tarnished silver. Next, give it a thorough rinse with warm water and use a gentle cloth to polish it to a high sheen.

How to clean gold

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You can bring gold back to its former glory at home.

Combine a tiny amount of warm water with a few drops of dish soap to create a solution. Rinse the gold jewelry in it gently. It is worthwhile to leave the jewelry in the mixture for roughly half an hour. Then remove them, place them on a soft towel, and use a soft toothbrush to clean the dirt that has become lodged in the cracks and chain links. Under running water, rinse everything. Using a soft towel, buff dry.

How to clean gemstones

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The jewels that are safest to clean at home are rubies and sapphires. Certain stones need special handling to prevent harm.

Using a specialized cleaning wand is the simplest method to clean jewelry that has gemstone inlay.

To dispense the cleaner, simply twist it, then use the soft brush to remove dirt and grime. After a thorough rinse, your stones will sparkle.

The GIA suggests a more challenging method that involves cleaning your sapphires and rubies using a warm water solution with a few drops of mild dish soap. After soaking your jewel for 20 to 40 minutes, use a fresh, soft toothbrush to gently brush the stone. After that, rinse it with clear water. Dry brush off.

How to clean diamonds

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Diamonds should be cleaned frequently because if they aren’t, they frequently have a hazy appearance.

The cleaning procedure is primarily determined by the type of jewelry it is a part of, such as a silver necklace or a gold ring; whether it is a single stone or has additional gems surrounding it. Although precious metals and stones are far more brittle than diamonds, we all know that diamonds are the toughest material on Earth.

Nevertheless, dipping a diamond in a solution of warm water and a few dish soap droplets is one of the kindest ways to clean it. The steps involved in cleaning expensive stones, such sapphires and rubies, are the same in this case. After letting the diamond sit in the solution for a bit, use a fresh, soft toothbrush to carefully clean it. After that, wipe dry and rinse with fresh water.

Additionally, don’t overlook hiring a pro cleaner. Expert jewelers will use specialized instruments, such as an ultrasonic cleaner, to bring back the original luster of stones.

Additionally, polishing your diamond jewelry is a terrific idea. However, do it at the authorized jeweler’s!

Several tips to take care of your jewelry

  • When cleaning the house, gardening, hand washing, and other tasks, take off your jewels. Your gemstones and jewelry will not thank you, but the diamonds in them will endure.
  • Wearing jewelry while swimming is not a good idea, especially in chlorinated or saltwater pools.
  • Keep gemstone-containing jewelry out of direct sunlight. They could lose color from too much light exposure.
  • Keep your diamonds apart from other jewelry and gemstones in storage. Preferably in pouches made of soft cotton or in specific boxes. It won’t harm expensive stones or be ruined by another diamond in these boxes.
  • Since gold scratches readily, store gold jewelry in individual soft cotton bags and keep silver jewelry separate.
  • At the end of the day, use an anti-tarnish cloth to wipe your jewelry. in order to ensure that a jewel is free of moisture, oils, or dust.
  • Opals, pearls, or any other organic jewels should not be cleaned using abrasive cleaning agents. Jewellery with such gemstones should only be cleaned with a delicate cloth and extremely light soap.
  • Do not over clean your jewels since it can ruin finishes or weaken settings. 
  • Seek professional examinations of your jewelry’s condition on a regular basis (from respectable jewelers, for example). If there is a problem with the stones or if the setting is loose, they will tell you straight away.

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