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June 25, 2021
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Why to choose gem dealers?

Why to choose gem dealers?

Here’s an interesting trend: gem dealers are at the peak of their popularity. More and more customers prefer buying gems and diamonds directly from gemstone and diamond dealers.

And there are a few compelling reasons:

They have fair prices

Truly professional gem dealers purchase diamonds and other gemstones from mines and cut them on their own facilities. This is the most cost-efficient way of gemstone production. This is why our experienced customers, like jewellers and gem lovers, buy diamonds and gems directly from us. By doing so, they save the lion’s share of the price.

They have a right solution for every customer

Searching for a gemstone with a gemstone dealer, customers are not limited by anything – except their own imagination. Dealers are able to offer a gem either from their own stock or find it exclusively for you and even cut it for you, meeting your expectations regarding color, cut, clarity, origin and type of a gemstone. So you can consider even the smallest details and ask as many questions as you like – and only then make a purchase.

They show you the gem as it is

It’s quite difficult to understand the natural beauty of a gemstone and evaluate its quality in the finished piece of jewellery. Sometimes the real appearance of a gem may be distorted: the color may look richer or darker, artificially inflating the price of the gemstone. Gem dealers allow you to see your gem as it really is – natural and without any embellishing “tricks”.

They have professional expertise and qualifications

When making an important purchase, it is important to work with a competent and trustworthy professional. Gem dealers are focused on gemology and the market of precious stones. They are able to answer all your questions professionally and to help you choose a gem that will satisfy your needs and desires.

They can help with custom designs

Gem dealers’ trusted partners are jewellers. We have myriads of projects when we work with jewellers, and together with our customers we create jewellery masterpieces based on a custom design, on your preferences and wishes.

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