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Stud earrings: the exceptional basics

Stud earrings: the exceptional basics

A leap into the history of earrings 

The very history of the earrings’ appearance, their meaning and purpose are quite interesting. 

Did you know that statues of Buddha show him with stretched ear holes? It means that  Siddhartha Guatama was initially rich and powerful. To demonstrate his status, he had to wear heavy earrings, which pulled his earlobes. 

Such was the tradition – wealthy men wore earrings that emphasized their status. For instance, many pharaoh’s sarcophagus depict holes for earrings. 

In addition to demonstrating status, earrings also revealed belonging to a certain religion, belief or even tribe and family. Moreover, people believed that by wearing earrings with gemstones they could protect themselves from the evil eye, disease and failure. Thus, Roman warriors pierced their ears before decisive battles. 

The heyday of diamond studs

As for diamond studs, they were initially just a button. Yes, diamond buttons can be considered their ancestor.

It was in 1620 when the First Duke of Buckingham entered a ball in an outfit covered with diamond buttons. Although such a way of decorating clothes was extravagant, it still had an utilitarian role. Only 200 years later diamond buttons were spared from their practical use – and turned exclusively into ornament. 

Queen Victoria – who was a jewelry trendsetter of her time – introduced the crazy fashion for diamond studs. This aptly conveniently coincided with the discovery of large reserves of diamonds in South Africa. Every lady considered it her duty to get herself a pair of diamond studs. Thus began the time of brilliance!

The diamond stud was embraced by the upper class ladies of the 1940s and 1950s and became a sign of wealth and good taste. 

Stud earrings: the exceptional basics

Why to choose diamond studs

Diamond stud earrings do not require spending an incredible amount of money, but they always look bright and interesting. 


Stud earrings are presented by a wide variety of styles. You are guaranteed to find what suits your taste and preferences. First of all, the cut. The round brilliant cut is considered to be the most popular since it is classy and gives a lot of sparkle. However, emerald, princess, pear or marquise cuts also deserve attention. 

Secondly, the stone itself. White diamond studs are timeless – they add elegance and unique chic to any look. Fancy color diamonds in such earrings tell their story – bright, unique and unusual. This is the choice of those who are definitely not afraid to stand out and are constantly looking for something non-trivial. However, gemstones for stud earrings are also a good option. Although this is a slight departure from tradition, it looks just as sophisticated and elegant. Pay attention to different colors of sapphires, various shades of emeralds and bewitching rubies

Thirdly, the setting – it can be everything from platinum to white, gold and rose gold. The choice is up to you. The only aim is to enjoy the pleasure of wearing diamond studs! 


Diamond studs are the most versatile item in a jewelry wardrobe. They are able to solve any wardrobe problem – from adding chic to your casual look with a white t-shirt to balancing out a chic evening gown.

Diamond stud earrings balance on the edge between classic and modern, luxury and sophisticated restraint. They simultaneously own their simplicity while attracting everyone’s attention. Although design matters, stud earrings are really all about a diamond. 

The best gift

While it is always a pleasure to choose gifts, sometimes it is also a difficult task – especially when you want to choose something unique, but brilliant ideas do not come in. 

Diamond studs are a perfect present for a best friend, mum, your beloved one or any other meaningful person. And it does not matter if it is a male or female – these earrings will definitely suit everyone. 

What’s more, diamond studs never go out of fashion, retaining their value over the years. 

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