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What are green diamonds: how real and expensive they are

What are green diamonds: how real and expensive they are

An expert guide to the fascinating world of green diamonds.

The diversity of the diamond world can astonish even the most seasoned gem enthusiasts and collectors. And while fancy colored diamonds are becoming more and more popular, white diamonds are the ultimate in natural wonders.

Green Diamonds has the sound of a made-up story, the result of someone’s creative imagination. Still, they are very much real. But it takes much more than just luck to add one to your collection.

What are Green Diamonds? Are they real?

Many people find it impossible to accept the existence of green diamonds because they certainly associate the color green with emeralds. But they’re genuine, too!

Green diamonds come in a variety of hues and intensities. The cut’s form has an impact on color. In any case, their peculiar hue represents harmony, fertility, and the natural world.

Green Diamonds’ symbolism

Due to its extraordinary and unusual color, the Green Diamond has been given many myths and symbolic interpretations.

In addition to representing fertility and abundance in nature, green also symbolizes harmony and tranquility of mind because it is a calming color for the eyes.

Green Diamond has associations with the importance of perseverance and success. The characteristics of the Green Diamond are linked to this intricate metaphorical meaning. Because it is underground, it endures hundreds of years of dangerous radioactivity, which makes it even more exquisite and unique. Green diamonds represent conquering obstacles and only getting better, making them the ideal emblem for engagement rings.

Origin of green color in diamonds

Green diamonds’ unique and enchanted hue is where they came from. They were required to be buried in rocks that had trace amounts of radioactive material, such uranium or thorium, in order to get such a shade. As these radioactive elements decayed, they generated radiation that changed the diamonds’ hue immediately.

But typically, these alterations are only slight; the stone’s surface is where the majority of the green color comes from. It is rare to find green-colored diamonds in nature, when the color equally spreads throughout the crystal.

The most frequent reason why diamonds have this kind of tint is radiation-induced green color. But structural flaws in a crystal structure brought on by the presence of nitrogen, nickel atoms or hydrogen can also account for its hue. 

Types of Green Diamonds by color scale 

Depending on the intensity, natural green diamonds come in eight color grades: faint, vary light, light, fancy light, fancy, fancy intense, fancy vivid, and fancy deep.

Even though they are the most expensive and sought-after, pure green diamonds are very hard to find. The majority of these stones typically exhibit a color that has been altered by shades of gray, blue, or yellow. The colors Yellow, Yellowish, Blue, Bluish, Brown, Brownish, Gray, Grayish, Gray Yellowish, and Grayish Yellowish are classified as secondary colors.

Are Chameleon Diamonds considered as Green Diamonds?

Thus, we have nearly solved one of the enigmas surrounding the world of gemstones and diamonds. Typically, chameleon diamonds are green in color. They can alter it, though, based on exposure to heat and light.

They get yellow when heated or kept in the dark. Their original green color returns when they are in a cold, bright environment.

There is currently no precise scientific explanation for why this is taking place. These chameleon stones do, however, fall within the category of green diamonds.

Rarity of Green Diamonds

An allegory for rarity is a green diamond. Only a small number of people have ever seen naturally occurring diamonds with a strong green color, and even then, it was probably at an exhibition or at a museum.

Merely 0.4% of all diamonds examined in a lab over the past ten years were green, according to the GIA. Pure green diamonds are more uncommon, though.

Green Diamonds prices

The majority of green diamonds have many hues, ranging from yellow to blue, and are not entirely green. Naturally, a diamond’s price can decrease by these hue variances. Green diamonds with a pure green color shade and a Fancy Intense or Fancy Vivid color grade are the most precious. They come with a cosmic price tag.

These stones typically come in tiny sizes; the Aurora Green, a 5.03 carat stone, was the largest green diamond ever to be auctioned off. At $16.8 million, this stone set a record for its price at auction. It goes without saying that its cost was more than that of many exceptional white diamonds.

Green diamonds are obviously the best stones to invest in. As soon as they have straight or intense overtones and weigh more than one carat, they nearly instantly qualify as investments.

The most famous Green Diamonds

There are significantly fewer known Green Diamonds than their siblings in other colors. However, this only makes them more valuable.

The Dresden Green

The largest Green Diamond in the world is the Dresden Green. It has an incredible 40.70 carat weight, flawless color distribution throughout the entire gem—a very rare quality, as we recall—and VS1 clarity. It is a priceless item of extraordinary quality.

Friedrich Augustus II, the grand duke of Lithuania, king of Poland, and elector of Saxony, discovered it and later bought it in 1741. This individual with the title paid a great deal of money to obtain the stone. And it makes sense! This stunning 41 carat diamond weighs in.

Subsequently, the diamond was included in an emblem of the Order of the Golden Fleece, which is the most significant European chivalric order. But in due course, Augustus II integrated the Dresden Green into a new context. This time it was the second badge of the Order of the Golden Fleece.Augustus’s grandson chose a more fashionable setting for the Dresden Green – his jeweler redesigned the appearance of the Golden Fleece and made the stone its dominant component.


The Chopard Chameleon

The 31.31ct Chopard Chameleon diamond has further special characteristics: it appears yellow in the dark and green in the light. Definitely lives up to its name!

The Aurora Green


5.03 carat fancy vivid green diamond with VS2 clarity is the Aurora Green. In addition, this stone holds the distinction for being the Green Diamond that sold for the most money during an auction. It sold for $16.2 million at Christie’s.

The Ocean Dream

The diamond known as Ocean Dream is not like the stones above. Its color isn’t really green, that much is true. People say that this 5.51 carat diamond is a fancy deep blue-green stone. In any case, this stone is extremely special since it is both extraordinarily gorgeous and has a color combination that no other diamond in the world possesses.

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