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What is meant by CTTW in diamonds?

What is meant by CTTW in diamonds?
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When looking for and purchasing jewelry set with diamonds and other precious stones, browsing through several links, and evaluating deals from various internet retailers, you can run into terms and acronyms that you’re not familiar with. They’ll probably make you confused.

To make an informed purchase, you need an explanation that is clear and easy to grasp so that you may better traverse the world of diamonds and jewels.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the acronym CTTW.

What does CTTW mean?

The acronym for “carat total weight” is CTTW. The total weight of all the diamonds set in a piece of jewelry is measured with this word. By the way, CTTW also applies to any type of gemstone, including sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and many more, that is measured in carats.

It’s possible to write CTTW as CT TW. The term “carat” (or “CT”) refers to the weight of a diamond. “Total weight,” or TW, is a unit of measurement used to express the total weight of all the diamonds in a piece. In summary, CTTW and CT TW are interchangeable.

Are CTTW, CTW and TW the same thing?

The short answer is also yes. These are different versions of the same abbreviation. They all mean the same – “carat total weight”. 

The list of Diamond weight abbreviations 

  • CT – carat
  • CTS – carats
  • CTW – carat weight
  • CTTW – carat total weight
  • TDW – total diamonds weight
  • TW diamonds – total weight of diamonds

What’s the difference between CTTW & carat?

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The diamond weight is referred to as the carat weight. This is a crucial feature that is comparable to the well-known 4Cs (color, cut, and clarity). It has a major impact on the stone’s pricing as well.

Nonetheless, the CTTW quality is most noticeable in jewelry that is covered in several diamonds and precious stones.

For instance, you wish to buy a ring that includes little diamonds set in addition to the enormous stone in the center. In this instance, the product description mentions CTTW, or the combined weight of all the stones, including the big one.

The phrase “CTTW” refers to the combined weight of the stones in both earrings, not just one, in the description of the earrings.

Remember that if several types of stones are found in one piece of jewelry, then CTTW will be indicated for each of them: for example, CTTW of emeralds and CTTW of diamonds, respectively.

How does CTTW affect the price?

It should come as no surprise that a diamond’s price often rises with its weight. Larger diamonds are more valuable and expensive than smaller ones because they are rarer, which is another obvious explanation for this.

But when it comes to CTTW, this system fails to function.

There is no correlation between CTTW and price because it is calculated by totaling the carat weight of all the diamonds in a piece.

What’s the practical meaning of this? This indicates that the first item will be less expensive if it is set with smaller diamonds and has a CTTW equal to that of a piece with a single huge stone. It is advisable to focus on such jewelry pieces if your budget is tight; an excellent example would be an eternity or pavé ring.

Put another way, the size of the stones in each ring will determine how much two rings with the same CTTW are worth. The price of the ring with the smaller stones will be less.

Tips for buying jewelry, considering CT and CTTW

  • Carat weight shows the weight of a diamond, not its size. For example, the more elongated shapes of the stone (like marquis, oval, pear or emerald) seem to us larger than rounded ones (like round brilliant or cushion, for example). Even though they may have the same carat weight. 
  • CTTW can be misleading sometimes. As we stated above, this characteristic can look very impressive. However, if a jewel consists of a large number of small diamonds, it is much less valuable than a piece with the same CTTW, but larger stones of smaller amount.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity. Less frequently than smaller stones are larger ones. They have a far higher worth. Furthermore, rather than focusing just on number. It’s important to keep in mind other qualities (color, cut, and clarity) when selecting diamond jewelry.

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