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December 27, 2021
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Winter diamonds and gems

Winter diamonds and gems
Winter diamonds and gems

Imagine these majestic winter landscapes: shimmering eternal blocks of ice, frozen lakes and endless snow plains. This frozen beauty has been fascinating people for centuries.


The gemstones of winter should match the splendor of the season. Forged by nature and perfected by a man, they are also a miracle of metamorphosis. 

According to the latest research, the colors of this winter are a versatile range of shades ready to adapt to different lifestyles while remaining elegant and dignified. 

Clear sky – blues

Some days the low winter sky merges with endless winter landscapes, imperceptibly playing with a myriad shades of blue. Intense and dark Mykonos Blue, elegant Ibiza Blue, relaxing Clear Sky and pale Spring Lake colors are the main shades of this winter. 

What reminds you of everlasting icebergs more than blue diamonds? These world’s rarest stones are highly desired among jewelers and gem dealers due to their scarcity, uniqueness and extreme beauty. Blue Diamonds acquire an investment character almost immediately: for them it is enough to be moderately clear and weigh more than 0.10 ct to be considered an investment stone.

Perfectly pale – neutrals

Sometimes winter is about the lack of colors, a little respite and return to your true self. Champagne Beige and Perfectly Pale shades are to remind about sincerity, the need to slow down and then to keep going.

Classy White Diamonds or entrancing Brown ones? In any case, you can’t go wrong with any of these. While White Diamonds are all about classic approach, elegance and eternal passion, Brown Diamonds are literally a new trend that reflects a modern and bold approach towards jewelry.

Honey gold – yellows

And then the Sun comes out. Or a fireplace is lit and tea with honey is brewed. Honey gold, Daylily or Illuminating shades give a sense of warmth and coziness. 

Ageless new classics – the Yellow Diamonds. These stones are definitely the trendiest among all the fancy colored diamonds. Warm and playful like sunbeams, Yellow Diamonds are a perfect choice for both, original jewelry pieces and great investments.

Pale rosette – romance

Pale, delicate and romantic pinks resemble frosty cheeks and a premonition of spring, when the first timid flowers start to bloom. Pay attention to Pale Rosette and Coconut Cream color shades. 

Tenderness is about Pink Diamonds. These stones are almost as rare as the blue ones. To keep such a diamond in your collection is a real achievement.

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