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Gemstone market is so huge that it’s almost impossible to deal with it without any guidance. Thousands of dealers offer a great variety of unique stones every day.

In this vast diversity of stunning and captivating stones some gemstones are truly one of a kind.

Some of our clients clearly know what kind of stones they need, so they reach out to us to obtain them.

We analyse their request and start the search for that specific stone using all our knowledge and well-developed partner network.

These rare gemstones can become a part of a bespoke jewellery piece or diversify the portfolio of a professional or amateur collector or even serve as a stable long-term investment.

The following pieces are most popular among our investor clients:

  • D, E, F color White Diamonds with purity VS1 to FL (Flawless)
    We can distinguish:
    – Stones from rare mines and very rare types of origin (Ivory coast, Lesoto, Lucara and Golconda).
    – Stones with shapes that vary from traditional ones (round, pear shape, emerald cut and others) to fantasy ones (old miner cushions, roseta, shield, briolette and many more).
  • Fancy Color Diamonds with the maximum of clarity and perfect cuts.
    These stones are our main specialization
    – Fancy Intense Blue,
    – Fancy Vivid Blue,
    – Pink,
    – Intense Pink,
    – Purplish Pink,
    – Vivid Pink,
    – Rare Argyle Pink,
    – Special Yellow Colors (Zimi mine and Domanian mine)
    – Yellow with Orange color and pure Orange Color as well.
  • Very large stones (starting from 5 carat Diamonds)

Our clients often request rare stones such as Paraiba, Cobalt Spinel, Burmi Sapphire, Burmi Ruby.

The partner network that we've developed over decades of operating on the gemstone market allows us to receive many gemstone offers from different parts of the world. Our extensive experience allows us to determine the quality and value of precious stones with utmost accuracy - and to offer them to our clients.

Our clients are our highest priority. We always pay close attention to all the details of every order as well as:
– introduce the stones to the client during a face-to-face meeting
– answer all the questions and doubts
– make recommendations
– help to evaluate side offers

A personal manager is assigned to every special order. The manager’s aim is to listen to a client and find exactly what the customer wants. Sometimes the search for truly rare gemstones can take some time, but the result is always worth the wait.

You are always welcome to contact us whenever you have any questions.

We are happy to answer all your questions


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